By: Adrienne Moul & Linda James

If you're going to paint, make it count!

Tags: If you're going to paint, make it count!

So often I go into listings that are advertised as being freshly painted only to discover that while, yes it is fresh paint, a blind monkey could have done a better job. Not to pick on handicapped monkeys. If you're planning on slapping on paint, then let me save you some time. Don't even bother. A terrible paint job takes more effort to undo than if you just left it alone in the first place. And let me just say, you're not fooling anyone with the lipstick. 

If you're going to paint, do it right. This means some patience and a whole lot of prep. In fact, the key is in the prep. Take your time to tape off, remove fixtures and cover plates. This should be more time-consuming than the paint job which will go wickedly fast now that you've taken this first crucial step. 
Check out this great how-to paint guide from the folks at Lowe's. 
Do it right, and trust me, it will pay off!