Tip #1: Organize your Worst Areas

Are you thinking of selling your Calgary home or is there just a room or area in your home where all the “stuff” ends up when you don’t have time to put it away properly? Maybe it’s the den, laundry room, one of your closets, or even the kitchen junk drawer? The best way to tackle a job like that is to pick a day when you know you can devote a good consecutive chunk of time to the task. Then, commit to overhauling the area and staying on task until its done.

Start by emptying the area and sorting everything into groups. What belongs in the area and should truly stay there and what needs to be put away in other areas of the house. Also sort items that need to be thrown out, recycled or given to charity.

After you’ve sorted, organize the items that need to stay and return them neatly to the area that you are working on. Take the other groups to the other areas of your home that they belong in (you can systematically organize those areas as is practical). Depending on the chunk of time you can devote to the task, you can do as little as a junk drawer or as much as entire room.