Buying A Home Can Be Exciting, But Also An Emotional Experience.

You don’t need to need to know everything about buying and selling real estate in Calgary, if you hire a real estate professional who does. There are many steps to finding the right home, securing the property, and ensuring that you pay the price you intended to. As your RealtorⓇ, I can become your greatest asset in this journey. From the very beginning, strait to move in day.

Here is what you can expect from me, your RealtorⓇ:


As a RealtorⓇ, I know a lot about the different financing options available. I also have experience working with different lenders in Calgary so I can help you to get financing that's right for you.


You will want to start with a list of properties that closely fits your needs. As a RealtorⓇ, I have access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLSⓇ) Service. This is the largest database of real estate and homes in Canada. As your RealtorⓇ, I can provide you with with the most up to date real estate listings and information.


As your RealtorⓇ, I can help you by providing objective information about each property and the area in which its located. I can also help answer two very important questions about real estate: Will this property meet all of my needs in a home, and will I make money on my investment when I’m ready to sell? I can also help address all of your real estate related concerns and help you feel confident about selecting real estate in Calgary that is right for you.


As a RealtorⓇ, I can help you through this sometimes overwhelming process. Once an agreement in price is reached, I, along with the selling RealtorⓇ can draw up a legal binding contract and this is no time to make a mistake. You can trust me as your RealtorⓇ to ensure that the legalities of the contract are accurate, complete and represent your best interests.


As your RealtorⓇ, I will most likely suggest that you have the home inspected first. This is an important step in giving you peace of mind. I can recommend several inspection companies to ensure that the property is acceptable to you.


As your RealtorⓇ, with the help of your lawyer, I will ensure that all parts of the transaction are completed. When it comes to your possession day, I will be there to personally hand you the keys to your new Calgary home.