Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist

Now that Calgary's weather is starting to cooperate and Spring is upon us, we can start getting outdoors and clean it up.  Here's a checklist to get you started:

  1. Lawn - Clear any leftover debris from fall and winter, make sure the lawnmower is ready to go
  2. Windows - Check all caulking seals for cracking and replace caulking as needed
  3. Doors - Inspect weatherstripping after the long winter 
  4. Gutters and Down Spouts - Remove any debris that may be blocking gutters and downspouts
  5. Roof - Look for any damaged shingles, repair or replace as needed
  6. If your home has Masonry - look for any cracking and have repaired if needed
  7. If your home has an Air Conditioner - clean heat exchangers, inspect refrigerant lines and have a professional check pressure
  8. If your home has a Sump Pump - Clean out the sump bucket and test the pump with a bucket of water
  9. If you have a Sprinkler System - Prime the system and make sure all sprinkler heads aren't blocked

Once you get started and the weather gets better, you will find plenty of things to spruce up.