Plants that thrive in Calgary

Certified horticulturist and fifth generation Albertan, Kath Smyth is passionate about helping Calgarians create beautiful yards that are easy on the wallet and the environment too.  She credits her mother and grandfather for inspiring her gardening passion.

"They both loved gardening and had fabulous yards.  Watching them, I learned what worked and didn't work when it comes to growing in the prairies.  "The plants they loved still stand today as some of my favourite plants," she says.  When recommending plants to Calgarians she generally sticks to plants that are native or well-adapted to Calgary's zone 3 growing conditions.  "Watching plants flourish is the ultimate gardening reward," says Kath.  And the best way to achieve that reward is to choose the right plant for the right location.  Choosing a location that suits a plant's growing needs (such as sun, shady, part shade) means they will be healthier and better able to fight off disease and pests.  When planted in the right sport, Kath's favourites can generally survive with little water once established (usually after two growing seasons).