Summer Water Safety

While most people like to spend summertime on the water, things can turn from a relaxing way to cool down to an emergency.  Keep your family safe with these simple tips.

For the Kids
  1. Children should wear an appropriate flotation device.  Water wings and inflatable rings are NOT adequate substitutes for life jackets for PFDs.
  2. Always keep a child within one arm's length.  Teach children how to play safely in and around water.  Supervise children's water play.
  3. Point out hazards to children including hot tubs, water gardens, "No Swimming" or "Thin Ice" signs, slippery pool decks, areas where the water depth is over their head, fast-moving rivers and slippery shorelines.
  4. Children should not push, jump on or dunk other swimmers.  Teach warning signs of distress, such as coughing, seeing a swimmer reaching to the side of the pool or hearing a friend say "stop".

For the Adults
  1. Be aware of fast-moving water and stay away from slippery banks (streams, rivers, ponds, canals, etc.).
  2. Obey signs on waterways.
  3. Wear a life jacket or PFD.  In Calgary, Bylaw 9084 states that you must wear a life jacket while on the water in a boat, inner tube, raft or other flotation device.  The maximum fine for a violation is $500.
  4. Water and alcohol do not mix.  Alcohol increases the risk of hypothermia (loss of body temperature), increases fatigue, impairs decision-making and slows reaction time.