Home Safety Tips

With the long weekend just days away and getting ready to leave for the cabin/camping trip/vacation, things can get overlooked.  While you're away, you don't want your home to appear to be empty and inviting to thieves.  Here are some tips to remember from the Calgary Police Service and the Better Business Bureau:

  1. Don't announce your vacation to everyone.  A simple social media post about your holidays also lets thieves know your home will be vacant.
  2. Make your home look like you're still there.  Leave blinds and curtains as usual, arrange to have your yard maintained, and consider using timers on your lights to appear bright.
  3. Leave your cheque book, address book, etc. at home if not needed.  If lost during travel, these items could be used for identity theft.  Secure personal information in a locked, fire-proof safe and don't share the password.
  4. Stop your mail and newspapers while you're away.  An overflowing mailbox (if you still have one) can be a tempting target for thieves for your personal information and tips them off that your home may be empty.
  5. Leave your computer at home.  If you need your computer for your trip, take the time to update anti-virus and/or anti-spyware programs before you leave home and if you're using public wi-fi accounts, avoid logging into financial accounts.  Also, don't leave your computer unattended and make sure it is password protected.
  6. Lock it up!  Locking windows and outside doors can get missed in the excitement of vacation.  Also, turn off your garage door opener to keep thieves from opening it with a universal remote while you're away. 
  7. If you are leaving a vehicle at home, park your vehicle in the garage.  An unmoved vehicle on the street can make it an easy target.  Make sure to remove any valuables from your vehicle and securing in your home.
  8. Wait until you are home to post and share photos of your great vacation.  

For other helpful tips, full article can be found here.